Oil Water Separators

Above Ground, Below Ground, Hopper and Modular Packs Oil Water Separators.

Oil / water separators are designed to remove all free and dispersed non-emulsified oil and some settleable solids from waste streams. If emulsified or dissolved oils are present in the waste water additional downstream filtration may be required. The principal function of the oil / water separator is to remove gross quantities of free oil before further treatment. In this capacity, the oil / water separator protects more sensitive downstream treatment processes from excessive amounts of oil.

Revolutionary Oil Water Above Ground Separators

- Meets EPA method 413.2 and API 421 oil water seperator
- Meets European Standard EN858-1 for 5ppm discharge
- Non-plugging coalescing plates - very high surface area
- 99.9% removal of free dispersed oil -20 microns or greater 
- High flow rates from 2 to 3000 gpm

Stainless Steel Meets NFPA 30 requirements Site specific designs Highest efficiency in marketplace Prevents solid oil carryover Latched covers (no cumbersome nuts and bolts) Vapor tight covers Rotary pipe skimmers Many options available

Below Ground and Modular Packs

Proprietary cylindrical gravity underground oil water separator designed to treat storm water runoff and SPCC regulations. Models can be serviced from grade level with a large rectangular opening to remove coalescing plates and to remove collected solids in sludge compartment. Separators are manufactured to UL standards and requirements’. Construction can be either single wall or double wall with a cathodic protection system that comes with 30 year warranty. Models have options to have sludge storage compartment, oil storage compartment, and affluent pump out compartment. Sizes available up to 3,000 GPM.

Plate Pack assemblies are provided to concrete basins ( oil water separators ) to treat storm water runoff and washing operations. Our proprietary design makes it easy to install our plate pack assemblies in existing units or can be used to replace inefficient coalescing systems. The coalescing plates are installed in a stainless steel frame with lifting lugs for easy removal and maintence.

below ground

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